Rental Studio Terms and Conditions

Rental Studio Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of a reservation request.

Right to refuse any demand.

A written request with details of your project duration, how many people, intended shooting time, special requests for specific lighting set ups is required at time of sending the request.

Full day rentals include viennoiseries, which is why the number of people expected guarantees availability of café and croissants.

Maximum number of people is limited to 8 without an authorized request.

Lunch is not supplied. Renters are asked to organize meals before arriving. There is a Carrefour City and a bakery just outside the studio where you can purchase meals drinks whatever you need.

Upon acceptance a deposit is required to confirm the reservation. Any rental request without a deposit will be considered null and removed from the reservations page for which the request will receive notification that the rental has been denied.

Payment of the balance must be paid in full at the beginning of the rental session. Any additional options incurring supplements must be paid at the end of the session.

Deposits will be returned in full (less commissions Paypal transaction fees) if the renter requests an annulation up to 48 hours before the date of rental. The deposit will not be returned with less than 48 hours notice.

Equipment at your disposal.

Depending on the chosen option, the equipment available is in accordance with this. Any changes at the time of rental will require a signed update of any cost over runs.

There will always be an assistant available for modifying lighting set ups. Changes in position of lighting are permitted with your own care, but any changing of modifiers, backgrounds, or adding of lights on set can only be done by the studio assistant.

Any breakage will be billed at full market value.

Background paper rolls are available and feel free to use them . Any linear usage ( portions used beyond the wall to floor edge) at billed at 15€ per linear meter.

Arrival and departure.

The renter’s arrival is the time at which the studio is rented. Early arrivals are not permitted, within a reasonable allowance 15-minute advance.

Departure time must be respected at or before the chosen option of rental time. Shooting must be completed before the end of the rental period. Any over runs will be billed at 50€ per hour or part of there after. Plan to finish your actual shoot before the end of the rental period will avoid overtime costs.

Break down is the studio’s responsibility. However if the shoot has dirtied the studio, the renter is required to leave adequate time for clean up before the end of the rental time.

No sets that will permanently mark any part of the studio are permitted without previous authorization.

Respect form the loft and its neighbors.

The kitchen, toilettes, bathroom, make up area entrée, computer room, and studio plateau are usable for renters. The top floor and mezzanine access are forbidden being private.

A stereo system is provided, flat screen HDTV for viewing images. Excessive noise is not permitted, please limit sound to an acceptable and respectable level for the neighbors.

Being the studio is in a residential building, frequent guest arrival is not permitted during the rental period. When requesting a rental session please state the number of people expected during the rental period.

Castings are not allowed unless previously approved by request under Rental Studio Terms and Conditions

Pets are not allowed.

Smoking in the studio is not allowed however on the two balconies is permitted.

By agreeing to these Rental Studio Terms and Conditions  you may proceed to book the studio. Refusal will remove the studio option and any deposit will be returned.

Rental Studio Terms and Conditions

Should you have any questions please ask before the reservation date as to comply with the Rental Studio Terms and Conditions.