Workshop Art Nu Devushcat Marilyn to Newton

Portrait Art nude Workshop Devushcat

Portrait Art nude Workshop Devushcat in Paris, June 8th 2019 by Neil Snape.

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Workshop Art Nu Devushcat

Date : Saturday the June 8th 2019
Time : 14h to 19h maximum participants : 4
Where : Paris 75015

Portrait Art Nude Workshop Devushcat in a daylight studio. Reserve your place today as places are limited. This Portrait Art Nude Workshop Devushcat is a semi-private shoot that will allow you much more time per set up shooting separately. For this workshop you will be allowed more time per individual shoot than usual. More time equals better communication yet less set ups per day. Maximum 4 places available. To reserve email today

Level & cameras required: Digital camera preferably a dSLR. Open to all levels yet knowing how to set your camera settings is a minimum. Being able to shoot in manual mode, and some basic notions of photography is helpful.

Marilyn to Newton Workshop Lingerie ParisWorkshop Art Nu DevushcatWorkshop Art Nu Devushcat

Portrait Art nude Workshop Devushcat in Paris, April 13th 2019 14:00 to 19:00


Portrait Art Nude Workshop Devushcat with extended individual one on one shooting times. An afternoon close up with our “new face” nude model Devushcat will fetch you strong art nudes, portraits,  and lingerie. Perfect mix of sensuality, freshness, wonderful forms will have you making great pictures.  Each session she gives a lot to make sensual photographs of her generous natural intensity. Our Portrait Art nude Workshop Devushcat offers you the chance to make some timeless beautiful portraits, lingerie, art nudes and fine art pictures.

Variations on each set up will allow multiple corresponding looks great for portfolio or editorial submissions.

Depending on weather will determine exactly what set ups we will do that day, yet count on daylight and some flash set ups.  What make our seminars unique is the very intimate experience with the model ( the other participants will be off set while you are shooting ) for each of your shooting sessions.

What you’ll learn:

  • The seminar will give you an opportunity to better understand and modify light specifically for women by shooting individually with the model in each scenario.
  • Studio : the ideal location, an artists daylight studio with southwest exposure. Lights used will depend on the weather and can include ambient, continuous, and or flash.
  • Number of participants is limited to 4 maximum for this Portrait Art Nude Workshop Devushcat which assures you will have lots of quality time to shoot. Neil Snape will be there to instruct and guide you in throughout each stage. His method furthermore is always to demonstrate the most  simplified ways of obtaining excellent results in a non technical way, yet efficient at the same time. By far the most important element starts with observation, and what you learn in this seminar is valid for any shooting environments not limited to studio work.
  • You will discover multiple types of light and how to mix them for each situation.

Model : Devushcat

Our Portrait Art Nude Workshop model Devushcat already making great pictures with all the photographer she works with. A joy to be around sincerity, and willingness to make strong pictures a real plus for you. It is the perfect moment to shoot with her as she is working towards building a stellar promising career. A certain innocence mixted with a grand presence of an empowered young woman says it all.

My pictures don’t tell the whole story. Here are some places to find excellent images of Devushcat : Instagram as well as her site Devushcat’s website


  • Upon arrival, meet with participants over a café, but we will get started quickly to ensure you have the more time for shooting
  • Discuss the objectives of the 4 set ups ( variants time permitting ) to be covered as well as how to build and maintain the all important communication between you and the model.
  • Set up nº1 : tips to making the light work for you, what to observe, how to modify the light.
  • Each participant then will shoot their own session for the allotted time.
  • Set up nº2, nº3, nº4, nº5 etc  with a one on one session for each set up.
  • Group discussion or critique of the results.

225 € TTC  (125 € required at the inscription non refundable, except in the case of annulation by the organiser).

The seminar can be paid by cheque (French accounts only please), bank transfer, Paypal, and finally in cash of course. To confirm your reservation send the deposit via Paypal.

Workshop Payment Options

Café, croissants, all inclusive.
Transportation : Métro Lourmel line 8, bus n°42, Tramway T3, street parking ( park meters )
24, rue Modigliani 75015 Paris Codes for the doors will be emailed upon confirmation.

You may be required to sign and respect a model release contract before shooting due to the usage rights and conditions between you and the model.

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