Website Creation by Neil Snape

Although photography is light of my life, recently I’ve been helping clients make and remake their web sites.

On and off since Netscape 3, I’ve been doing my own with arcane applications by using drag and drop grids , or in html terms, tables.

If only we could see how fast web site code, html specs, and display models would reveal themselves for the better or worse.

Now, with html being almost entirely drawn to browsers by the DOM , driven by css, simple sites are much more logical than before.

While Flash sites came on strong about 5 years ago, the advantages will be stripped away when html 5 comes on strong. Flash has it’s place as a design application for UIs and independent apps, yet as a web browser display technology , it is not ideal.

Interactivity is still strong in Javascript, although many easier to use Frameworks have added an easier to implement code, that is linked to excellent built in scripting called a Framework. Yahoo UI was one of the first, then MooTools and JQuery became popular for today’s webmasters.

Integration though has not become easier, much harder in fact than ever. I hold my hat low to those who delve into PHP, ASPx, Oracle, and other database driven sites that fill page requests. Those too ,who code AJAX with the database are magicians that have earned respect, and rightly so.

Thankfully, WordPress ( this blog of course) runs on a lot of the above, is easy to install and maintain.

Ah yes, I suppose I’m hooked again on technology.

I had fun and frustration making these sites:

my site

a site about words meeting internet by translation

my friend’s grand project to bring a moment of happiness in stationery

If you would like to collaborate on making your site, let me know.

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