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Webinar by Neil Snape for BenQ on creating fine art portrait photography

Neil Snape on making timeless fine art images

My friend image makers both stills and video, BenQ invited me to make a webinar (free, just sign up) on image creation for fine art and portraits, real time retouching and crafting with post production and workflow advantages of having an excellent colour managed monitor. There are some lighting tips, post production, and display image advice. Sign up and watch it now as there is a surprise for you waiting in the webinar. Share this with others you know will want to gather some essential great tips for imaging.

Webinar by Neil Snape for BenQ

Webinar recording

Here is what is in the Webinar by Neil Snape for BenQ:

Neil Snape is a Paris-based photographer who produces images for luxury brands and fine art expositions, embracing new technologies along the way.

Following the path from amateur to professional, Neil winded up in Paris where he is concentrating on beauty photography, portraits, and fine art photography. “Light, what it best brings to the subject” is what Neil Snape always aims for in all his photography domains, be it still life, portrait, fashion, and beauty

In this webinar, Neil will discuss Creating Timeless Fine Art Photography with Simple Lighting.


Topics covered:

  • Light Observation
  • Light Control Importance of a Quality Monitor
  • Colour Management
  • Develop Settings
  • Crafting and Shaping on RAW B&W Conversions.


Neil Snape is a photographer, educator, and also a BenQ Consultant. Neil works with companies such as HP and X-Rite and is also a Coloratti Ambassador. Additionally, he teaches Masters Fashion at an American fine art school at the Paris College of Art.


You’ll find more information on this site BenQ 

For photography you have multiple choices, equally for video. If you are making videos and you are recording in 4K then the better choice will be one of the 4K monitors which are 4 times the resolution of standard HD monitors.

BenQ SW320 Lightroom Webinar by Neil Snape for BenQ
Webinar by Neil Snape for BenQ

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