new equipment Para 120cm Godox AD600BM

Studio rentals equipment new Godox AD600BM para 120cm

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new equipment Para 120cm Godox AD600BM
New equipment deep octal para with grid Godox AD600BM battery flash

Trends change the way we light! To keep up to date here are the latest additions to the studio rentals.
Firstly a deep octa parabolic soft light 120cm ø with a grid. It can be used without the front diffuser for a brighter light, and without any diffusor for a sharp specular light. The grid surprisingly does make a huge difference with the soft pool of light only in the centre, the side light is cut off making it ideal for portraits or fashion where soft light is desired but not filling the entire room. If you wanted a bigger source, there is still the 150cm ø octa which fills the studio with soft even light.
Second major update is the battery operated Godox AD600BM flash. It is a portable 600w/s, yet doubles well for studio light. Often when mixing sun direct in the studio the contrast is higher than 11 stops. To add normal flash you need to reduce the speed to maximum sync usually 1/200th of a second. When doing so in direct sun your aperture goes way up to f16 or more making images apparently to much overall depth or sharpness. With this flash you can shoot at up to 1/8000th of a second letting you shoot with shallow depth of field like f2. The flash has a wide range of power, lowest setting is 1/256th power something around 1 watt/second (extremely low). There are both Canon and Nikon triggers, an additional Canon receiver if you want to add a speedlite, and I will have a Sony trigger soon. There is also a second battery but these units use little power. It comes with a standard reflector, and I have other Bowens mount adapters for octas.

Otherwise the foam in the meridian couch has been renewed so shooting at any angle is again possible with the model sinking in softly with body parts hidden from camera.

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2 thoughts on “Studio rentals equipment new Godox AD600BM para 120cm”

    1. The more I use this Godox AD600BM the more I like it. For a full week one of my loyal studio renters had it set up for adding a touch to the daylight. Reliable and seamless, it made the difference. Now teaching at a college, I presented the light to the students and they too loved it for over powering the sun or adding the difference to make the pictures lively.

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