Portrait Fashion Beauty Photography without Photoshop Neil Snape workshops

Portrait Fashion Beauty Photography without Photoshop

Portrait Fashion Beauty Photography without Photoshop

There is a lot to be said about getting it right in camera.

Portrait Fashion Beauty Photography without Photoshop

Daring it is, to shoot pictures without thinking that what ever is wrong while shooting can be fixed in Photoshop. It does make editing a lot easier as one can concentrate on the content of the series of images with less distraction of what has to be fixed later.  The images will be naturally easier to look at as they can have all the power of the intention of visual impact at the time of creation. Portrait, fashion, and beauty photography without Photoshop is not new yet a way of creating images. Digital has changed so much in getting here, yet hasn’t created best practises for post digital era photographers.

There are many many ways to make images. Signature added to your images is often the post production element. Cameras are made to record with an approximation of what you think you saw. Post production before Photoshop lets you add that valuable personalisation bringing back a style to what you made. While getting it right in camera keeps the aesthetic in check, the post production on raw images gives the technical stamp of your style, combined of course with the content at time of creation.

Can you do this right without fixing it in Photoshop?

Portrait Fashion Beauty Photography without Photoshop, is challenging, but worth it. Observing light, reacting to light and shadow, directing the models, gaining confidence and respect, all go a long way to making it right in camera.

Photoshop can be a creation tool as much as a correction tool. It is however not an efficient way to create a series of images. Series rely on the upfront content. The better the originals, the better the output can be.

A world renowned retoucher Pratik Naik, offered to present my thoughts on this topic. A very good short article with images on his super popular blog The Retouchist
Getting It “Right” In Camera the blog post on this very topic.

Most of the work I do is loosely created to be crafted on the raw images with very little retouching in Photoshop. One such article on the way I work is in this blog post Lightroom beauty model retouching tutorial


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