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new equipment Para 120cm Godox AD600BM

Studio rentals equipment new Godox AD600BM para 120cm

More new studio rentals equipment Trends change the way we light! To keep up to date here are the latest additions to the studio rentals. Firstly a deep octa parabolic soft light 120cm ø with a grid. It can be used without the front diffuser for a brighter light, and

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Before after Color Checker Passport X-Rite ColorChecker Passport review

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport review

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport review for fashion photography Are you here looking for some good reasons for excellent efficient color corrections techniques for fashion photography? The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport review for fashion photography will tell you why! Since its inception, I have been part of the development path as a background consultant

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Stage Lightroom 6 12 2015

Stage LightRoom Paris le 6 décembre 2015 par Neil Snape.

Stage LightRoom Paris le 6 décembre 2015 par Neil Snape. Maîtriser le traitement d’image avec Lightroom. Date : dimanche 6 décembre 2015 Horaires : De 12h à 17h nombre de participants : 4. Lieu Paris 75015 Stage LightRoom Paris le 6 décembre 2015 par Neil Snape. Pour vous inscrire, veuillez nous contacter

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LR vs C1 at 100% view

Adobe Lightroom vs. Phase One Capture One Review

Adobe Lightroom vs. Phase One Capture One Review Adobe Lightroom v 5.7 vs Phase One Capture One v 8.3.4 Review segment 1 It has been a long road along which many of us are still traveling along in the digital photography procession. I am currently shooting with Canon 5DMKIII and

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Rodin sculpture

Is grain or noise a bad thing in photography

Is grain or noise a bad thing? The other day when talking with Stefano Brunesci​ we were saying that too many photographers are thinking about noise, grain, and other defaults without seeing them as part of a process. Here is a picture that lives with terrible grain and lots of

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Answers to a Question about Paris photo studios to rent

While looking for SEO solutions to bring my Paris photo studio rental up in visibility I came across a post from 2011 at The Paris Photography Meetup Group The poster was wondering about the problems of finding or even asking about cheap inexpensive or pas cher studios to rent while

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Cinema lighting for beauty photography tutorial

  At first look, this picture seems easy and complicated at the same time. Make up is the key to the picture, it is about cosmetics, light only highlights this. To make a dramatic image and one that lives well on many supports including rather flat paper printed on rotary

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renaissance girl

How did you do that? Series on Beauty Photography by Neil Snape

As drab as it may seem the original was intentionally shot this way. Leaving headroom in the highlights avoids clipping the channels when you do extreme conversions from raw, and betters your chances for banding free edits in Photoshop or for production.   Light: start off with a beauty dish.

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Lighting Beauty~Beauty Lighting Tutorial by Neil Snape

The easiest and fastest way to light beauty is place the light slightly above centre directly forward say 30º downwards, and add a reflector below centre angled to pick up light and redirect light from the main source to fill in shadows, yet at a reduced intensity. By doing so

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Light, Round or Square Source Beauty Dish or Soft Box?

Soft boxes came out with the idea being to reproduce a diffuse window light. The original light boxes in fact were hard shells with multiple lamps inside. Heavy, hard to move around and always used at a distance relatively far from the subject made for a convenient way to make

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