new studio equipment Broncolor

New studio rental equipment

Even more equipment for your studio rentals.

This new studio rental equipment adds to the already impressive list of high end equipment included in your rentals.

A kit consisting of multi voltage flash, the light and efficient Topas A2, a Unilite to go along with it, and an optical spot light for creating hard and theatrical lighting effects.

new studio equipment Broncolor
Broncolor Topas A2, Impaspot, Unilite

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4 thoughts on “New studio rental equipment”

  1. Hi Neil!
    I was curious, the did you have to modify the Impaspot to pulso mount? I thought Impact spots are for Impact heads and do not fit / work with Pulso mounts, or am I mistaken?

    1. You can temporarily attach an Impact mount on a Pulso. I tried the Impaspot a bit but didn’t like the results so sold it again. If I liked it I would have added a Visatek mono block back again, as I had some before.

      1. Cool! Thanks for the info Neil! I was looking into maybe getting a spot projection modifier but all of the ones you can buy new are crazy expensive and this looked like a good alternative, too bad it doesn’t work out so well.

        1. There are some copies out there that will do around the same. The only one that really works well is the Pulsospot with a 150mm lens on it. The Follow spot both Broncolor and copies are a little disappointing. These days a good video projector will be far better than anything. I remember 25 years ago renting a Norman slide projector spot, and it melted the Kodachrome in the holder!

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