Neil Snape’s Area 35 Expo still running, the March 2nd opening a grand success.

After having quickly rounded up the frames, put them together without breaking too many, driving them across France through the Mont Blanc tunnel, all arrived well for the expo.
Giacomo and Sara readied the gallery with a fresh coat of paint, making the immense gallery immaculate. It seemed a shame to punch holes in this clean canvas but together we quickly mounted the entire show in an afternoon.

The last minute details were aided by everyone, a special thanks to Giacomo’s parents.

Back just in time for the first guests, everything was perfect, including the table set up with our two hostesses who managed the entire gathering well into the night.

As people were coming and going, I spoke with many, each one having a reason why I’d love to have spoken with much longer.

At one point someone said they believed that the make up was the harder part of my pictures which made me laugh away my stage fright !

It is quite something to host a show of this size. I’m deeply grateful to Sara, Giacomo, and our friend Sophie for insisting to have the show.

Sharing photography is usually done in a singular way, it is only when you have an expo , and the opening where it is a celebration of art, by and with people as creative as the works themselves.

Thanks to all for a successful , memorable show.

Below some snapshots by Natsuki Oneyama,

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