Rodin sculpture

Is grain or noise a bad thing in photography

Is grain or noise a bad thing?

The other day when talking with Stefano Brunesci​ we were saying that too many photographers are thinking about noise, grain, and other defaults without seeing them as part of a process. Here is a picture that lives with terrible grain and lots of noise shot on a point and shoot Canon of a Rodin sculpture. I have often stressed to not be afraid of contrast, and Stefano says not to be afraid of noise or grain.
How do you feel about grain/noise?

We were discussing this while walking through the Paris Hotel de Ville Magnum exposition with many pictures From the trio founding members Magnum’s Henri Cartier-Bresson David “Chim” Seymour, and Robert Capa all shot for the moment, and most of the time had film grain due to the limits imposed.

That is a beautiful thing. Just as noise and or added grain to digital images can be. Before going out and splurging on that latest camera with tighter specs, maybe go out and shoot with the intention of the opposite! Go find that noise and grain and make for some beautiful grainy images.

Rodin sculpture
A grainy noisy image of a sculpture by Rodin made to show noise can be beautiful


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